Because we have so many different shows, all with different audiences, we need to make sure the written and visual content across our website and guide is suitable for all ages, is easy to navigate and is consistent from show to show.

As the publisher, we reserve the right to edit the content of your event listing(s). If major edits or changes are required we will work closely with you in suggesting acceptable alternatives.

Table of Contents

Your Copy

  • Keep your title snappy. Titles are limited to 100 characters (including spaces).
  • Use concise language. Make your copy sharp, short and smart.
  • Use Australian English (e.g. organisation instead of organization).
  • Try not to repeat your title in the copy - you have limited space and the title is already at the top.
  • If referring to the event title, use single quote marks. ‘Arabella’s Adventure’ is a spectacular…
  • When using direct quotes, use double quote marks and if from a publication name the source. “Arabella’s humour is second to none” The Advertiser.
  • When quoting multiple sources, separate each with a full stop. “Fringe Festival pick” The Advertiser. “Brilliant” RIP IT UP.
  • When using exclamation marks, one is the limit. The hit of the Fringe! Not the hit of the Fringe!!!
  • Only use an ampersand (&) when referring to a partnership or collective. E.g. ‘Boris & Sergey’s Vaudevillian Adventure’. The ampersand should not be used for linking two separate units or to simply replace the word ‘and’. E.g. A showcase of Middle Eastern and Latino dance. Not A showcase of Middle Eastern & Latino dance.
  • For website addresses use lowercase only and omit the ‘www’. ( not Finish will a full stop if it falls at the end of a sentence. 

Your Images

Think about the following when selecting images to represent your event:

  • Your image should be clear, bold and stand out.
  • Less is more. Remember the image size in the guide is only approx. 2.5cm x 2.5cm so don’t over complicate it.
  • Don’t include text in your image. All the important info, like the title and location will be right next to the picture anyway.
  • Try not to include too many people in the image. Again due to the print and display size it will look unclear and messy.
  • Don't include Adelaide Fringe branding unless by prior arrangement - this image should represent YOUR show and YOUR brand.
  • Invest in high quality images that can be used across your campaign.

We reserve the right not to publish

  • Explicit words. These may be included in your event title or description copy, however due to the general rating of Fringe publications the words f*ck and c*nt will be printed as such with symbols replacing one character of the word.
  • Images that are detrimental to or likely to cause damage to either Adelaide Fringe or any sponsors of the Adelaide Fringe.
  • Images that are designed for the sole purpose of causing offense or that are liable to incite racial, ethnic, or homophobic hatred.
  • Realistic, explicit or pornographic images of female nipples, male genitals or female genitals.
  • Copy that is liable to incite racial, ethnic or homophobic hatred.
  • Copy that constitutes or encourages conduct that would be considered a criminal offense.
  • Copy that is detrimental to or likely to cause damage to either Adelaide Fringe or any sponsors of the Adelaide Fringe.


Image credit: Dreamgun @ The Garden Gala | Photo by Chloe Elizabeth

Image Descrption: One female and two male performers stand on stage with microphones, holding scripts. The stage is backed by large blue discs of light, the audience is in the foreground.