You can access the customer information for those customers who have opted in to be contacted by you, through your reporting suite! This is a great way to engage previous audiences, build a mailing list, and get them excited for your new events!

To do this you will need to log into your reporting suite and pull a 'Customer Email Export by Company' report, which you can do here

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If you need any help with this, get in touch with the ticketing team! | +61 8 8100 2012

Logging into Red61

You can find your log-in details in AVR under My Festival - Reporting.

Your login will be your unique login code and the password is the email address you registered your event with.

Creating a New Report

In the blue, left-hand panel, click New Report.


From the drop-down menu select: 'Customer Email Export by Company' report. 


In report criteria, leave Seasons as 'active seasons'. Find the relevant company and/or event(s) pertaining to your required customer data and then leave the remaining parameters blank.

Exporting Your Report

Set your season. If you've participated in Adelaide Fringe before with the same log in details, you can access data from past years. If you are wanting data from a current season, select Active Seasons.

If you are presenting multiple events or performing in multiple venues you can also filter between them before exporting the report.

Generate your report as a CSV or PDF and you're good to go!

Additional Communication

If you need to communicate important information to ticket holders in regards to your event, we strongly encourage that you update this in your event description on the website. You can send through this information to us and we will add this to your web copy as soon as possible.

You have the added option to include 'Additional Information' to your event listing in AVR (see image below).


If you need any help with this, get in touch with the ticketing team! | +61 8 8100 2012


Image Credit: Fringe Corner, Jenny Kwok, 2023.

Image Description: People standing in a queue to buy tickets at the box office.