With a Fringe program as rich and diverse as Adelaide’s we seek to replicate that in the pool of delegates we host. In 2024 the festival saw 368 delegates from 31 countries attend Adelaide Fringe ( 302 were In-Person & 66 were Virtual). These included festival directors, programmers, producers and agency’s all taking part to discover new shows and talent.

As a registered Honey Pot Artist you will have online access to a complete list of our Industry Delegates who can attend in-person or virtually. 



This will be your go to research tool, available from late-January (set live 4 weeks before Fringe), the Delegate Finder utilises AVR’s search functions to give you the most up to date and extensive listing. Search delegates by various fields such as organisation, country and dates attending, you can then create a ‘favourites’ list to assist in selecting who to approach.   



Details of registered Honey Pot Industry Delegate can be found on the Finder. Listed by countries we present our delegates details as such: Name, position, company, contact details and most importantly their dates in town (if attending in-person), along with a short biography on who they are, what they program or who they seek to work with. They also detail which types of work they want to connect with. These nuggets of information are all you need for your research prior to contact.



We can’t stress this enough – so we are going to say it again – Research and prepare your outreach.

  • Ready to make contact with industry delegates? – Whether it be to invite them to your show, ask for a meeting or promote your event for future opportunities. Read each delegates’ information carefully. Research, make notes, make files. Work out which delegates are really compatible with your work. The Delegate Finder will be online late-January, so you’ll have plenty of time to get familiar with each delegate before contacting them.
  • Once you have identified them, then prepare your emails of introduction carefully. Tailor your approach – one size rarely fits all and blanket generic emails are not the best way to make contact.
  • Instead, it’s best to demonstrate your familiarity with their venue, organisation or event and demonstrate why your show is a good fit for them.
  • Targeting a few good matches is better than emailing everyone and you are far more likely to get a response from an email that speaks to the delegate and sparks interest. Be passionate about your work – it’s infectious! And speak to its value – you know it’s worth, but does the delegate.
  • Most importantly don’t get disheartened if responses are limited. At this stage it is only the start of a dialogue and there are many other ways to engage through the industry program.



Delegates tend to begin planning for Adelaide Fringe a couple of weeks before arrival. As show tickets can be booked in advance, initiating communication in early February is ideal. Delegate schedules can fill up quickly so reach out sooner rather than later.

Image credit: Honey Pot Day Out at Star of Greece | Photo by: Chloe Elizabeth

Photo description: Two Korean Honey Pot industry delegates reading the Who's Coming printed guide over lunch.