Honey Pot's marketplace will comprise of 'In-Person' and 'Virtual' industry delegates - all keen to discover shows and connect with artists. Virtual delegates have a Delegate Finder profile and access to Show Finder. Some virtual delegates will have ticket access and the ability to request tickets to registered 'Watch from Home' or 'Pre-Recorded' events if available.

In-Person delegates are industry attending the festival in-person, the dates they plan to attend Honey Pot can be found in Delegate Finder when it opens 19 Jan 2024. In-Person delegates have the ability to see live performances, take part in networking sessions and the HIVE. 


Absolutley yes! Virtual delegates are encouraged to use the Show Finder & Passion Pitches to discover all shows relevant to their programming interests. They are able to contact shows they are interested in to start a conversation and learn more. Include a Passion Pitch as part of your Honey Pot inclusion. The Pitches are a great way to speak directly to any delegates watching them and it gives them a real sense of you and the work. We understand that they can't physically be at your show but if you have further links, pre-recorded footage or other relevant information to share it's all of great use so don't think because they are virtual they aren't contactable or applicable to your show.

Approach them in the same way as a In-Person delegate - It's all about why you feel your show is a good fit for their event, festival or venue - demonstrating knowledge and an understanding will go a long way.

Happy searching and we hope connections and conversations blossom during this year's Honey Pot.


Image credit: Honey Pot HIVE | Photo by: Fumi

Photo description: Three people are gathered around a laptop, smiling and enaged in the content on screen