All financial and contractual details are organised directly between the venue and the artist, not Adelaide Fringe. Make sure that everything you have negotiated with the events in your venue is included in a document that you both agree to and sign. 

Table of Contents

The Artist's Perspective

FOR VENUES - During registrations artists are under pressure to find a suitable home for their work. Without a venue they are unable to take part in the Adelaide Fringe. For many artists finding the right venue is one of the most important decisions in the registration process. Due to this you may find artists will be very anxious to hear back from their enquiries promptly. Venues will need to allocate time to regularly attend to artists queries. It is important you work together in making the most out of your Fringe experience. 

FOR ARTISTS - For artists who are self producing and working with other creatives, it's always a good idea to make sure have agreements in place. HERE is a link to Arts Law Centre of Australia. Arts Law’s sample agreements have been created to assist low income creators and organisations in drafting contracts suitable for their needs.

Get Everything in Writing

Running a venue can be rewarding and fun. However, there is also a business side. We cannot stress to you enough the importance of having a written venue hire agreement in place, this applies even when you are offering your venue at no charge or to a friend. Many venues have existing ‘hire contracts’ and standard ‘terms and conditions’. These can be used but ensure contract are customised to reflect your individual arrangements with the artist.

Even if you have verbally agreed to something with an artist, send a confirmation email or letter. This means that situations are not open to people’s own interpretation if issues do arise. Be clear, up front and honest with any charges that will be incurred by the artists for the venue providing staff and facilities (i.e. per hour charge, per performance etc.). Identify who is responsible, what they are providing and at what costs. Include this information in the venue hire agreement. Ensure that if you have agreed to supply staffing, equipment and marketing support that you are confident that you will be able to meet artists’ expectations.

Example Venue Hire Contract

Download an example venue hire contract (word document).

What to Include

  • Booking details (session dates, time, bump in/out)
  • Clear installation and removal dates (Art & Design)
  • Hire fees (straight hire, commission sales etc.)
  • Technical requirements (who is responsible)
  • Supply and use of venue equipment (chairs, tables etc.)
  • Venue set up each night (who is responsible)
  • Venue pack down and cleaning (who is responsible)
  • Storage of props and/or artwork
  • Box office and sales (who and how)
  • Venue staffing
  • Licensing fees (APRA/AMCOS/PPCA)
  • Cancellation policy for both the artist and venue
  • Additional fees not included in venue hire
  • Payment details and conditions
  • Insurance
  • Licensing conditions – are minors allowed on the premises? If so until what time?
  • Do you have noise restrictions?
  • Venue security
  • Venue sharing details (other artists, other events, regular venue activities)
  • Sponsorship opportunities/condition
  • Complimentary and house tickets


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