There are no definitive rules on how you should structure the use and hire agreement of your venue, but it's important to have this established before you register your venue!

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Every venue and artist / event has different requirements and expectations. What you charge should cover your costs and remain fair and competitive. The most successful venues are those that treat holding Fringe events in their venue as a partnership with their events. It’s about working together from the pre-organisation right through to marketing and attracting an audience and ensuring audiences walk away with a great experience. 

Here are some examples of hire structures however you can create your own to suit your business:


You don't charge any hire fee to artists and you make your income from potential food and beverage sales

Set Hire Fee

You charge a set fee per performance / per week / per season of the booking.

Box Office Split 

No base venue hire fee but the venue retains a percentage of event ticket sales (net of Adelaide Fringe / FringeTIX ticketing fees). A common split is 70% event, 30% venue.

Set Hire Fee and Box Office Split

A combination of the above.

Curated / Buy in

This is a set fee that you would pay the artist to present their event at your venue. It's usual that if you bought in an act you would then retain all ticketing income.


This could be a combination of the above or another arrangement.

The structure that you choose should reflect your venue and what you are offering to the hirer. Consider box office staff, front-of-house staff, technical requirements, storage space, rehearsal availability, marketing support and artist services. Really consider the benefits that you can offer that may make you stand out from other venues. 


Once you have registered your venue, artists and events may start contacting you about booking your venue. Adelaide Fringe does not program any venues, it is up to artists to contact you and for you to contact artists and confirm booking arrangements directly. However, you are not alone! The Artist & Venue Team are here to help with advice of venue scheduling, venue equipment and venue hire templates and contracts. We also offer tailored venue assistance to registered artists to point them in the direction of venues that may be suitable for their event and individual requirements. 

Image: Holden Street Theatres. Photo: Chloe Elizabeth, Adelaide Frtinge 2021

Image Description: Person standing and purchasing tickets at the Holden Street Theatres box office. The box office facility is painted purple with chalkboard signage highlighting 'What's On' shows and directional advice.