Adelaide Fringe is committed to providing more accessible shows and reaching wider audiences through a range of accessible options. 

We are removing those barriers that make it difficult or impossible for people to attend an event and it is your job as producers and performers to plan ahead and ensure that everyone is welcome and can access your work.

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Communicating what access is available is absolutely key to delivering inclusive events. Let audiences know what you can and cannot provide for them. Be open and straightforward about what you do and any limitations this may have. You may identify that your show is already accessible to a certain group of people. For example, a highly visual show with no spoken dialogue might be suitable for a deaf audience without any changes. Recognise this and actively market the show to these audiences. This will grow and diversify your audience base. Close communication with the venue will ensure that front of house staff are aware of any access provisions and can work with you on how to best inform audiences.

Accessibility Options in Registration

You can opt into the following accessible options within your registration to indicate to us you are interested in exploring this for your Adelaide Fringe event. We can provide you with support and connections to service providers but the responsibility falls on you the artist to make it happen! 

Auslan Interpretation 

Auslan (Australian Sign Language) is a visual language comprised of hand movements or 'signs', facial expressions, and other body language. Interpreting is the act of transferring a message from one language into another in a culturally appropriate manner.  Auslan interpreters faithfully render a message between two or more parties who do not share a common language.

Open Captioning 

Similar to television subtitles, Open Captioning is an assisted listening device where spoken words are displayed on screen(s), on or next to the stage. Open captioning is always in view and is used to provide access for those who are deaf and hard of hearing.  Captions are used to describe dialogue, text and even sounds and soundscapes through live and digital events.

Audio Description 

Audio description is the verbal narration service of visual images of live theatre, visual art and other art forms for people who are blind or have low vision.  Audio Description can be done live or pre-recorded for different events.

Tactile Tours 

Prior to the commencement of a performance or show, tactile tours can be provided to patrons who are blind or have low vision, enabling them to form a mental picture in their mind of key items in the work.  Tactile tours are a guided experience where verbal descriptions are given as the tour progresses.

Relaxed Performance 

Intended to be specifically sensitive to and accepting of audience members who may benefit from a more relaxed environment. This can include both adults and children who are autistic, may have sensory or communication disorders, or who are neurodivergent in other ways.  Some technical changes may have been made to the performance – this can include but is not limited to quieter music, reducing loud or surprising sound effects and avoiding strobe lighting. This helps to eliminate surprise and support in the reduction of anxiety making theatre more welcoming to some audiences

Digital Events

Digital event options will be especially helpful to audiences living with disabilities or safety concerns due to Covid-19, making it impossible or unsafe for them to attend events in person. Consider adding accessibility provisions to your digital event to reach even more audiences!

Some live streaming platforms like YouTube offer a closed-caption service. It's worth doing a bit of research into what streaming service offers the best access options to serve a wide range of audiences. We will update this resource with information about accessible streaming in the lead up to the festival. 

Further Access Organisations

Purple Orange

Deaf Connect

Autism SA

Access 2 Arts

Auslan Stage Left

Live Performance Australia

Arts Access Australia

The Royal Society for the Blind (RSB)

External Access Resources

Adelaide City Council Access & Inclusion

Adelaide City Council Accessibility Map

Access Adelaide Guide

Access to Arts - What to Say

Artwork for Everyone

Accessibility for Business Owners

City of Melbourne - Good Access is Good Business

Demystifying Access - Unlimited (Unlimited is an arts commissioning programme that enables new work by disabled artists to reach UK and international audiences.)

Disability Awareness Training The promotion of disability awareness in our workplaces and communities is vital in establishing a society where people with disability are valued and included.


Image: Tom GK: Hearing Loss, The Musical by Razan Fakhouri

Image Description: An artist stands on stage wearing a bowler hat and bowtie with arms spread wide. An Auslan Interpreter stands to the left wearing all black and hands signing.