Adelaide Fringe is committed to creating a safe and respectful environment for artists, venues, festival workers and audiences that are free from discriminatory and abusive behaviour. This code of conduct relates to interpersonal relations between artists, venues, festival workers and audience and does not relate to the content of an event.

By participating in Adelaide Fringe, all members of events and venues must adhere to the Code of Conduct guidelines in relation to discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and bullying as laid out in Live Performance Australia’s Code of Practice.

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Standards expected of Adelaide Fringe participants include, but are not limited to:

  • Respect differences and diversity;
  • Honesty, dignity, respect, fairness and a courteous manner in all dealings with customers, clients, co-workers, suppliers, management and the general public;
  • Responsiveness, openness, honesty, and courtesy when responding to a contradictory opinion by rationally debating rather than by vilification, coercion, bullying or intimidating behaviour;
  • Ensuring your language, behaviour and conduct is acceptable at all times and is not discriminatory or abusive, nore does it cause harm, discomfort, humiliation or offence to others;
  • Never bully, harass, discriminate nor abuse any position of power, position, authority, or status either overtly or implicitly, to attempt to obtain sexual favours or otherwise for personal gain;
  • Assisting to provide and upload Adelaide Fringe's commitment to the safety and protection of children and their families involved in Adelaide Fringe
  • All artists, venues, festival workers, third parties limit any physical contact with children other than their own;
  • All artists, venues, festival workers, third parties should never, under any circumstance, be alone with a child(ren) other than their own;
  • All artist, venues, festival workers, third parties if working with children must have compeleted a Department of Human Services (DHS) working with children check
  • All organisations offering services to children or young people must lodge a child safe environments compliance statement, as required by the Department of Human Services. This process is undertaken via The Department of Human Services.

Further resources

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Image Credit: A Different Party | Photo by: Tony Virgo

Image Description: one performer reading a piece of paper, with another performer throwing coloured paper from a filing cabinet on stage Coloured paper  is scattered everywhere whilst a white board on an easel is positioned at the front of the stage.