If you are touring your international show to Adelaide Fringe in 2025 and making an income, as a Foreign Resident we may be required to withhold payments to you at the highest marginal rate (47%). To avoid this a Foreign Resident Withholding Variation must be provided by 28 Jan 2025. 

You can either apply to the Australian Tax Office directly for an exemption or rate variation or have Adelaide Fringe apply on your behalf.

If Applying directly to the ATO Download our Guide to help you fill out the form HERE.

If you consent to Adelaide Fringe applying on your behalf, simply fill in the fields in AVR on the bank and tax page. We will ask for your estimated income and expenses and your Australian arrival; and departure dates.

View our Finance team's Foreign Resident Withholding Variation Video above for a spoken explanation!

*Please note: a FRWV does not preclude you from having to pay tax, but precludes Adelaide Fringe from having to withhold tax from your settlement.

For all Australian Taxation information please contact your Accountant or Australian tax professional.

The main purpose of varying or reducing the rate of withholding, is to make sure the amounts withheld during the income year best meet your end-of-year tax liability. For example, you may want to apply for a variation if you have a large amount of tax deductible expenses, or your income is not assessable in Australia because of the operation of a tax treaty.

If you are earning less than $10,000 please choose 0% as the required rate of withholding. If you are earning more than $10,000 you will need to consult an accountant or tax professional.