Get ahead and find out: What’s New In Ticketing 2024

Analytics Tracking

Previously, tracking user behavior on our website has been done through the use of "pixels" or "tags". These are small pieces of JavaScript code that are placed on your pages of our website. When a user visits a page, the pixel code sends information back to the server of the company that provided the pixel (like Facebook or Google). This is known as client-side tracking because the tracking code runs in the user's browser (the client).

In 2024, to address some privacy, reliability and performance concerns, we are moving to server-side tracking. In server-side tracking, when a user takes an action on a website, the data is sent to the website's own server first. Then, the server sends the data to the tracking servers of companies like Facebook or Google. 

This simply means that you'll need to supply two parts for tracking, instead of the one part in previous years:

  • For Facebook, this means both your Facebook Pixel Code and Access Token.
  • For Google Analytics, this means both your Google Tag ID and API Secret.

As in previous years, these codes are entered under the Analytics tab of your Event or Venue in AVR.

For full details, read our Analytics resource here.


Midweek Treat

This ticket type was originally introduced in 2021 as part of a campaign to offer discounted tickets to traditionally quieter nights.

Based on artist and venue feedback via a dedicated survey, we have revamped Midweek Treat in 2024.

The discounted Midweek Treat price type available on only one day in 2024 - WEDNESDAY! 

This will assist in a clearer marketing campaign for you, Fringe and audiences. Fringe will promote the discount early on and also on each Wednesday of Fringe, so keep in mind that customers will be looking closer at events that offer a Midweek Treat price.

You must price your Midweek Treat ticket price at least $5 cheaper than your regular Full Price weekday ticket so there is a clear incentive for audiences, and you can limit the number of tickets available at this price or leave it unrestricted to maximise the benefit.

Promo Codes

A promo code offer is a great way to get some early ticket sales, or boost ticket sales on one of your quieter days.

Promo code offers are a discounted price type associated with a code word that can be added to promote your show in marketing campaigns, appeal to specific audiences or use when flyering. 

NEW in 2024, you can now add promo code offers in AVR during registration of your 2024 Adelaide Fringe Event.

Once events are on sale, during busy periods, new promo code requests can take up to 72 hours to action. By planning ahead and adding your promo code in AVR during registration and before your event is on sale, you’ll skip the queue of promo code requests.

Keep in mind that promo code offer prices aren’t publicly visible, so there’s no risk in someone accessing the price until you’ve communicated the promo code to your fans.

Click here to view our resource on setting up your promo code.

What are you waiting for? Get ahead of the rush and add your promo code in AVR at registration.

Get set up for success:
- The code must be under 15 characters, contain no special characters with no spaces.
- Choose a codeword(s) relevant to your event.
- Don’t make it too easy to guess.
- Don’t forget you can add a cap!

Media Ticketing - Reviewer Tickets

NEW in 2024, during registration you have the option of allocation up to 8 single tickets (16 for Children’s events) to accredited media reviewers or up to 8 double passes?

Reviewers prefer double passes so they can bring a guest to your performance. By adding the option of a double pass, you’re encouraging attendance, whilst spreading the additional word of mouth of their guest.

Meal & Show events

Do you have a Food or Drink Component involved in your event?

NEW in 2024 during registration in AVR you have the option of listing dietary options, uploading a menu and listing a contact for customer specific dietary requirements.

You can also now customise your $0 Companion Card ticket type for Meal & Show events to include:

  • Show Entrance and Food & Drink

  • Show Entrance Only (No Food & Drink)

  • Show Entrance Only (Food & Drink Paid) with customisable price.

Double Your Applause

Double Your Applause was introduced in 2021 to help artists boost ticket revenue in the midst of government mandated, COVID- restrictions and drastically reduced capacities.

Now that restrictions have eased and capacities have returned to 100%, our research shows that audience behaviour has changed again. In an effort to create clearer customer messaging, we’re saying farewell to the Double Your Applause ticket type.

In 2024, our commitment to supporting Fringe artists remains unchanged; more than ever we’re invested in investing in Adelaide Fringe Artists and through Arts Unlimited.


Arts Unlimited is the philanthropic arm of Adelaide Fringe, where every dollar raised is used to help artists present their work through the Fringe Fund, to enable communities experiencing disadvantage to attend Adelaide Fringe and get more bums on seats for you through the Community Spotlight initiative and to make Fringe experiences as welcoming and accessible as possible for all.

Through Arts Unlimited customers will be able to support via:
- At Cart Donations: adding a donation when purchasing their Fringe tix. All donations over $2 are tax deductible!
- Pay It Forward: donating the average price of a ticket when they checkout with Fringe tix!
- Giving Day: on our annual Giving Day during the Fringe season any donation is doubled thanks to our matching partners!


NEW In 2024 we’re introducing our very own Fringetastic AI Chatbot: FERGIE (Fringe Expert for Responding to General Info and Enquiries). FERGIE is live and available to chat on AVR now.

FERGIE is your first port of call to help point you in the right direction, provide information or answer general enquiries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Of course if you’re in need of further assistance, our wonderful Fringe team is available through the regular channels:
Artist and Venues team: or 08 8100 2022
Ticketing team: or 08 8100 2012