Adelaide Fringe is a creative melting pot of artists and other industry professionals. Fringe events and activities are a drawcard for tourists to visit, boost wellbeing amongst local residents, strengthen the economy and encourage positive word-of-mouth experiences to be shared from your council area. 

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Why Participate in the Festival?

  • Develop your area’s unique character and showcase its local attractions.
  • Create a legacy that will continue to benefit the community long after the festival ends. 
  • Turn your area into a creative hub, contributing to overall growth and development.
  • Build a sense of community. Supporting your local artists, events and venues will promote a strong network to draw on year-round.

How to Participate in Adelaide Fringe as a Council

Councils provide key support to their communities year-round, Fringe just adds an extra dimension for you to play with and explore!

We’ve put together a list of ideas of things you can do to help your local Fringe events maximise their success and get the community involved:

1. Find out what Fringe events are happening in your area. To find out what events are happening in your council you can contact the Artist and Venues team to receive an up-to-date report (we send a report to Councils in December) or check out the map of various Fringe venues around the state.

2. Share the message through your communications or marketing with your local database. You might have platforms such as a Facebook page, Instagram, website, email marketing list or an information board, newsletter, council notices etc.

3. Check the dates of the Fringe events happening in your area. Are all the events happening in one weekend or are they spread throughout the 31 days? 

4. Think about a name for your Fringe season. Get Fringe-y! "Murray Bridge Fringe", "Prospect Fringe", "Fringe in the Vale" - once you have a name it might be easier to tell your audience about an exciting events program.

5. Create a printed program or map. We can provide you with a list of the event name, dates, times, venues and prices - you could add this to your existing events program or make a new one just for the occasion! Check out our branding packs here

6. Get the local community involved. Are there existing events happening at this time who can register in Fringe and be part of the fun? Talk to your local cafes, bars, hotels, galleries, sporting clubs, community groups about getting involved. You can easily register an event and promote this through our website. 

7. Shout your Fringe message from the rooftops! 

  • Use social media to connect with local events, venues and artists in your town
  • List the events on your website and events calendar
  • Put up posters at your community building or local shopping centre
  • Tell your local newspaper or radio station about the events and get the Mayor to talk about how excited they are that the Fringe is in town!
  • Contact the artists you have been given contacts for at step one and tell them you are excited about their participation in Fringe, and ask how Council can help.

Register your venue/s

Have you got any venues that would be suitable for Fringe? They can be anything... registered venues in the past have been anything from theatres, pubs, clubs, churches, vacant buildings, and bars - to buses, bathrooms, swimming pools and caravans! Check out our venue resources for more information.

Supporting Artists

Some of the biggest barriers artists face are access to resources, connection to communities, and the cost of putting on an event. 

How you can help Artists:

  • Waive street performer / busking license fees
  • Provide a subsidy for Adelaide Fringe event registration
  • Offer free promotion of events through your channels (e.g. EDM’s, Facebook, website, digital and print displays).
  • Provide free or discounted venue hire on your council-run venue(s).
  • Are you tricky to get to? Consider offering travel and accommodation packages

"It was such a pleasure to perform regionally this year, giving me the opportunity to travel and perform in places and for people that I would not usually have access to. It really enabled me to shuffle my Fringe up, and get to know those small town vibes!" - Ciara Thornburn, Fringe Artist (2022)


  • City of Burnside provided the opportunity to be involved in a Council pop-up event, What’s on in Burnside Fringe 2023, that provided a space and  time slot for artists to showcase their event.
  • City of Charles Sturt offered grants of up to $5000 for selected eligible Performing arts, Visual arts, public art, moving image, Literary arts and Interdisciplinary arts projects.
  • Councils promoted the Live and Local grants provided by the SA Government of up to $4000 for eligible creative new music projects and events, at no cost to local councils.

Check out these examples of maps and information packs other Council hubs have created: Simple map, Map & itinerary, Regional program, Detailed info pack

Learn more

Still have questions? Contact us directly at or 08 8100 2007.


Image: Lucas Day at Fringe Victor Harbor Photo: Supplied by City of Victor Harbor

Image Description: A young musician wearing jeans and a black t-shirt sits on a stool with a guitar and drum kit, singing into a microphone on an outdoor stage. There is a white picket fence and apartment balconies in the background.