Venues play a crucial role in the success of Fringe shows; not only as a performance space, but also as powerful allies in event marketing. Here's some ideas on how you can support the artists performing in your venue with their marketing efforts.

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Facebook Event

Liaise with your registered shows to create a Facebook event and ask to be a co-host, so the event is shown across both your and the show’s social media channels. 


Add your Fringe shows to the What’s On page on your website.


Include a description (and possibly a promo code for your preview/opening show) in your regular email communications.


Let your artist know what size posters (A4, A3) they could display around your venue. If you don’t already, consider installing snap frames on the back of the toilet doors to include their flyers in (as well as other events year-round)!


Do you have digital screens either inside or outside your venue? Or perhaps you have a message board? Why not use them to promote your Fringe shows! 


Could your shows print an A-Frame to display on the roadside outside your venue? Or is there a fence nearby where they could affix a banner? Alternatively, to identify yourself as a Fringe venue, check out the signage options available for purchase via AVR. 

Table toppers

Instead of flyers, allow your shows to display a single flyer in a sign holder on the tables throughout the venue. 

Other Events

Could you offer a double pass to the opening night for your show as a raffle / quiz night prize? Consider how you might be able to leverage other events in your venue to promote your Fringe shows. 

Cross promotional opportunities

To encourage people to hang around after their show, you could offer a discount on the next show at your venue or organise a double feature event where you see two shows for a discounted price.

Additional Support

If you have a bar or food stalls, could you offer a Fringe Deal to ticket holders, Fringe members, or artists to encourage them to stick around after a show or have a drink beforehand. 

Image Credit: Holden Street Theatres. Photo: Arthur Tsimopoulos, 2023.