This resource is filled with helpful information about how you are going to make your money! A well planned Ticketing strategy can help increase your revenue and boost your bottom line, so read this thoroughly to maximise your opportunities. 

Remember - Many of the Fringe Ticketing opportunities can be set up in advance, so come Fringe time, you can focus on your performance and having fun.

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What is FringeTIX?

FringeTIX is the ticketing agency that sits within the Adelaide Fringe. We exist to help you get your show on sale and we are here to help you with all your ticketing questions and needs throughout the festival. 

How to get in touch

FringeTIX hotline (08) 8100 2012 or email 

Ticket Price Types

The first thing you need to do is choose which price types you want to offer for each of your performances. There's quite a lot, so don't feel like you have to use all of them. Keep it simple and easy for the customer to know what they're paying for.

Full Price (FP): This is your main price point and in some cases might be the only price you need. Set this price at what you want an adult to pay. 

Concession (C): If you’d like to offer a discount to Seniors, full-time Students and Concession cardholders, then price your Concession a few dollars less than your Full Price.

Preview (Prev): A Preview price can be applied to the first 1-3 performances and is charged at a cheaper rate than Full Price. The purpose of previews allows the artist to identify problems and opportunities for improvement that weren’t found during the writing or rehearsal period and to make adjustments before the media gets there. We would recommend pricing your Preview at the same price, or less than your Concession. If Preview pricing is selected, this is the flat rate per ticket and there is only this one price type available.

Child: If selected, it should be less than your Concession ticket. Child tickets should be for shows that are suitable for children under 12. This ticket type is for a Child who will occupy their own seat. Babe in Arms policy applies to children under 2 years old (18 month and under for Garden of Unearthly Delights events) who do not require a ticket, provided they sit on the lap of the ticket buyer.  

Family (F): If your event is Family-Friendly, you can add a Family price to allow entry for either 2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children at a discounted price. The ticket amount must be entered as the combined total price for the 4x tickets.

Group 6+ (Gr 6+): A discount for groups booking 6 or more tickets in one transaction. Set the price lower than the normal Full Price ticket to encourage people to book in one transaction and bring multiple people. Enter it into AVR as the single ticket price only. 

Midweek Treat: A campaign designed to assist in driving ticket sales to traditionally quieter performances in the middle of the week - Wednesday!
The Midweek Treat ticket price will form a major part of Fringe promotions early on and during the Fringe, so customers will be looking closer at events that offer a Midweek Treat price.
What’s new: You must price your Midweek Treat ticket price at least $5 cheaper than your regular Full Price weekday ticket so there is a clear incentive for audiences, and you can limit the number of tickets available at this price or leave it unrestricted to maximise the benefit.
With Midweek Treat available only on Wednesday, it will assist in a clearer marketing for you, Fringe and audiences.

Fringe Membership (FM): With over 23,000 Fringe Members, Fringe Member priced tickets are a great way to get extra bums on seats. You have the option to offer all Fringe Members 2for1 Full Price tickets. For customers, this offer is limited to two tickets per event, per Fringe Member.

BankSA Cardholder: With over 450,000 customers, the BankSA Cardholder price tickets are very popular. You have the option to offer BankSA Cardholders 25% off your Full Price ticket. This offer is limited to two tickets per event, per BankSA Cardholder.

Companion Card: The Companion Card scheme is a national program where people with access needs who require attendant care support are issued with a second ticket at no cost for their companion. It is a condition that all Adelaide Fringe events offer complimentary Companion Card tickets and as such, this ticket type is automatically entered into AVR. For more information on the scheme please visit

Schools: If you have opted in to be part of the Schools Program your event will be something that is appropriate for School-aged people. Schools tickets have a discounted artist inside charge of 2.5% so you will need to nominate a price that is lower than your cheapest ticket. Contact if you would like to know more about the Schools Program.

Watch from Home: For your digital events you can opt to have one flat fee or create a Watch from Home Household price as well, which caters for 2 or more people viewing your content.

Meal & Show: This bespoke ticket price should cover the performance ticket and catering. If you need assistance please contact 

*Please note that Meal & Event tickets are unable to have promo codes applied to them.
**Please note it is a condition that if your event has a Meal & Show ticket type, that you have Companion Card options available for people with access needs who require attendant care support. For more information contact 

Example Pricing Structure

Be clever about your pricing! Use the price types to your advantage. On Friday & Saturday nights you are more likely to get a bigger audience, so consider charging a premium on those nights. Then, offer Concession or discount pricing on nights when houses can be traditionally smaller. We also encourage uniform pricing, as much as possible. Use whole dollar amounts and charge the same across weeknights and do the same for weekend pricing. 

Example Pricing Structure
Preview (Up to the first 3 performances)
Preview Price $18
Mon- Thurs
Full Price $28
Concession $25
BankSA cardholder 25% off Full price
Midweek Treat $23 (capped at 20 tickets)
Fri - Sun
Full Price $32
Concession $28

Please note this is just an example, make sure that you choose the price types that suit best for your event.

Average Price per Genre for 2023 Adelaide Fringe

What is reasonable to charge for your event? Please value your work and identify why you are participating in the Adelaide Fringe. Make sure you consider your specific circumstances, your budget, and your goals. Each artist will have a different financial priority. Some artists are doing a Fringe event for financial gain and others for exposure or experience. Here is a table of the average Full Price of tickets in 2023 per genre


Average Full Price*



Kids and Family








Eat and Drink




Film and Digital








Theatre and Physical Theatre


Visual Arts and Design


Workshops and Talks


*Last updated April 2023

Fees and Charges

In 2022 we reduced our FringeTIX fees and charges to put more money back in your pocket.  The $3 booking fee per ticket has been removed and replaced with a 5% artist inside charge. 

The FringeTIX operational income comes from the 5% Artist Inside Charge and customer Transaction Fee. As a not-for-profit arts organisation, this income is critical to help keep the lights on and to make sure Fringe goes ahead year after year.

When setting up your ticket prices in AVR, you must enter the total advertised ticket price. AVR will then display the net ticket price, minus any inside charges which allows you to visualise and review your pricing structure. You will know immediately how much you will take home per ticket sold. 

In your advertising material, please ensure you display the total advertised ticket price and include 'plus transaction fee'. E.g.  Full Price $30 (plus transaction fee). It is a requirement that customers see all pricing as a whole, and this price is known as the ‘Advertised Price’.

Transaction Fee

All ticket transactions attract a $4.80 Transaction Fee (incl. GST). This fee is once-off cost per transaction for customers and is necessary to cover administration costs. 

Complimentary Tickets

You have full control over your complimentary tickets. This can all be managed in the ManageMyTix Portal once your event is on sale.

Presenter issued complimentary tickets (also referred to as ‘presenter comps’ or ‘papering tickets’) issued by you incur a fee of $0.30 per ticket. This amount is charged at settlement. There is no limit to the number of complimentary tickets you can issue. This is also the case for venue issued comps and promotor issued comps.

Comp. tickets issued by Adelaide Fringe as pre-approved by you (including but not limited to Media Review Comp, Schools Comp, Honey Pot Comp, PromoTIX, Fringe Membership Giveaways and Companion Card) will not incur a $0.30 fee per ticket issued.

Promo Codes

Promo Codes can be added to any session with a Full Price ticket. It's a great way to get some early ticket sales, or boost ticket sales on one of your quieter days.

To add a promo code to your event, you can follow these steps:

  1. If you have not yet completed your registration, you can add a promo code in the AVR (Artists & Venue Registration) system. Go to the Ticketing section of your event registration. In the Pricing section of any given session, after adding a Full Price, click on the 'Add More Prices / Discounts' button. Then, select 'Promo 1' from the Discount menu and fill out the Advertised Price, Promo Code, and Ticket Cap.

  2. If you have already finalized your registration, promo codes will need to be built manually in the ticketing system by the FringeTIX team. You will need to request this by sending an email to with the following information:

    • Your event & venue name
    • Promo code word (maximum 15 characters)
    • Discount amount (applies to Full Price tickets only)
    • Date & time of the show/s you wish to apply it to
    • Number of tickets available to purchase (if you wish to set a limit)
    • Start date/expiration date of promo (if time restricted)

Click here for more info.  Remember that you can request promo codes in advance, so it's always a great idea to have them ready to go well before you need them.

You Own Your Tickets

It is completely your decision what you do with your tickets. Adelaide Fringe will not make decisions about your tickets without your consent. This means that:

  • We do not give away tickets without written request/permission from the registered presenter.
  • We do not discount your tickets without written permission from the registered presenter.
  • We do not increase your capacity without written permission from the registered presenter.

Ticketing Law - Live Performance Australia Guidelines

Adelaide Fringe issues FringeTIX® tickets in accordance with the LPA Ticketing Code of Practice.

This means by participating in Adelaide Fringe, and agreeing to the artist agreement, you're acknowleging compliance with the LPA Ticketing Code of Practice.

For more information click here.

What Else Can You do?

Fringe has some fantastic initiatives to help you attract new audiences. Make sure you check out the 'Opportunities' section of your AVR to find out more and get involved.

Image: Rundle Mall Box Office 2020 | Photo by Chloe Elizabeth

Image Description: Eight people are lined up in front of a large bright pink shipping container. The container has the Adelaide Fringe logo on it and big letters that say Box Office. The people are standing on green astroturf.