You have full control over your complimentary tickets. They can be managed in the Manage My Tix Portal once your event is on sale.

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What are Comp Tickets?

Presenter issued complimentary tickets (also referred to as ‘presenter comps’ or ‘papering tickets’) issued by you incur a fee of $0.30 per ticket. This amount is charged at settlement. There is no limit to the number of complimentary tickets you can issue. This is also the case for venue issued comps and promotor issued comps, but please be aware that once a comp ticket has been issued, it cannot be refunded or exchanged.

Comp tickets issued by Adelaide Fringe as pre-approved by you (including but not limited to Media Review Comp, Schools Comp, Honey Pot Comp, PromoTIX, Fringe Membership Giveaways and Companion Card) will not incur a $0.30 fee per ticket issued.

What are Media Tickets?

All Adelaide Fringe accredited Media are able to request tickets through the Media ticketing portal. If you have opted in to offer Media Ticketing through FringeTIX, you should be able to direct them to request their tickets through the portal. These tickets do not incur a 30 cent fee. If you have not opted in for Media Ticketing through FringeTIX, you can issue them one of your comp tickets through the Manage My Tix portal. This will incur a 30 cent fee.

All comp tickets need to be issued through the Manage My Tix Portal, as per your artist agreement. Any tickets issued through promotional platforms such as Promotix, Eventbrite etc will not reflect on sales reports or be recorded in our system. This can cause a potential to oversell your capacity and can create confusion for your customers, so ensure you process all guest lists from these outlets through Manage My Tix.

How to Allocate Comp Tickets

Here is a how-to guide on issuing your own Complimentary (Comp) tickets.

PLEASE NOTE: All tickets processed through Manage My Tix come from the general allocation or remaining capacity of the venue. 

Log In

The first step is to log into the Manage My Tix Portal. To access the portal, you will need to use your unique login - details can be found on the dashboard of AVR in the My Festival tab. If you are unable to locate your login details or are having issues logging in, please get in touch with Ticketing at 

Upon logging in, you will see two options on the left-hand side of the screen - Reports and Ticket Management.

Select Ticket Management - Complimentary tickets 


Select Event/Session

Once on the Complimentary tickets dashboard, you will see a list of all your events. Select the event you would like to allocate tickets to and click the drop-down. 

A full list of all sessions will appear. Click the session you would like to allocate tickets to.

Manage My Tix 1


Select the amount of tickets

You will be prompted to select the amount of tickets from Price Band 1, which will allocate Presenter Comps from the total remaining capacity. 

The amount of tickets available in the general sales pool is displayed in this section. The number in blue is how many remaining seats you have to sell, these can all be allocated as comps if you wish.



Follow the prompts to allocate the tickets for your guest:


Enter Details

Select the quantity you wish to issue and fill in the recipient’s details. The ‘First name’, ‘Last name’, ‘Email’ and ‘Complimentary reason’ fields are required.

Note: The email address you enter here is where the e-tickets & confirmation email are sent (you can always enter your own email in here & forward it on as necessary).  

Once complete, click on the ‘Confirm’ button. You should then see a confirmation message that says 'Tickets sent successfully'. Click ‘Okay’ to continue allocating comps.


Please take care when issuing any comp tickets as we are unable to refund or exchange comp tickets once they have been issued.