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2024 Artist Magazine

Everything you need to know to take part in Adelaide Fringe as an artist.


Acknowledgement of Country

Acknowledgement of Country at your Fringe Event.

Marketing, Registration

Analytics and Pixel Tracking

Meta Conversions and Google Analytics information.


Key Dates - Fringe 2024!

Key dates to know for our 2024 season!

Legal, Ticketing

Ticketing Law - Live Performance Australia Guidelines

Be informed with all things ticketing.

2024 Artist Information Session

Learn how to participate in Adelaide Fringe as an artist and meet the Artists and Venues team.

Extra Baggage Allowance with Virgin Australia

Individually registered Adelaide Fringe artists can access up to 64kg of checked baggage.


FringeTIX 101

An intro to FringeTIX and creating a ticketing strategy.

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2024 Advertising Packages

Looking to Advertise with Adelaide Fringe this season?

International Travel and Visa Support

Helpful links and info for our international participants!


Registration Drop Ins

Wanting some help with your 2024 registration? Drop in anytime or book a 1-on-1 session with our Artist and Venue team now.

Registration, Audience, Ticketing

What's New In Ticketing 2024

Get ahead and get informed with the latest ticketing updates for 2024!

How to: Access Passholder Discounts

Find out how to make the most of your artist pass!


2024 Artist Fringe Deals

Take advantage of some sweet Fringe Deals this season by flashing your Artist Pass.

Opportunities, Fringeworks

FringeWORKS at ILA

Details about where FringeWORKS is in 2024 and our artist only event programming.

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Meet the Media

Book your spot at our speed-dating style event to pitch one-on-one directly to the media.


Family and Friends Database

Family and Friends Data Base

Registration, Fringeworks

Digital Artist Pass

You can now access your Digital Pass by logging straight into AVR on your mobile phone.


Making Your Event Accessible

Meet and work with our Accessibility Partners.


Adelaide Fringe Awards

How to be considered for an award and how judging works.

Marketing, Registration, Ticketing

How To: Add Promo Codes and Report On Them

Instructions on how to add Promo Codes during or after registration and how to report on them in Manage My Tix.

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How To: Access your Customer Data - Manage My Tix

Access the information of customers who have opted in to be contacted by you.


How To: Access Your Audience Door List - Manage My Tix

Instructions on how to access your Customer Door Lists in Red61.

International Artists, Legal

Foreign Resident Withholding Variation

Australian Tax laws for Foreign Residents.

Service Providers

Printers, distribution services, production & tech suppliers, photographers, publicity support or public liability providers.


How To: Issue Comp Tickets - Manage My Tix

What are Comp Tickets and how can you allocate them?


Fringe Across the State

Where to go, who to contact, what to consider about Regional Touring in South Australia.


Risk Assessment Template

Event and Venue risk assessment template.

Accessibility, Registration, Inclusivity


Accessibility options, what they mean and other Access resources.


QR Codes

Where to find your events custom QR Code in AVR or create your own.


OneMusic Australia: Music Licensing

How and why to obtain a licence from OneMusic Australia.

Adding Participants & Assigning Artist Passes

How to add participants to your event, and make sure they get their Artist Pass!

Registration, Legal

Adelaide Fringe Code of Conduct

Interpersonal relations between artists, venues, festival workers and audience.

Marketing, Registration

Event Copy and Image Guidelines

What to and not to include in your event copy and imagery.

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How To: This Artist Recommends

How to recommend other Fringe shows on your event page.

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Schools Program

How to be a part of the Adelaide Fringe Schools Program and market your event to schools.

Accessibility, Offer

AUSLAN / English Interpreter: Deaf Connect

Book an Auslan Interpreter with one of our Accessibility Partners.


Recognising and Including Traditional Place Names

Acknowledge and celebrate the connection between First Nations people and the land.


ABN & Statement By Supplier - FAQ, Links, Informative Videos

A finance resource to help you with applying for an Australian Business Number, or Statement of Supplier.


Budget Templates

Event and Venue Budget Templates.


How to: use AVR

From logging in to navigating your Artist and Venue Registration (AVR) dashboard.

Registration, Opportunities, Fringeworks

Meet the Venues

Got a show but no venue? Or a venue but no show?


2024 Adelaide Fringe Artist Agreement

Familiarise yourself with the 2024 Adelaide Fringe Artist Agreement.

2024 Event Registration Questions

Read through our event registration questions before you start your registration process!

Australian Tourism Data Warehouse

Promote your next Adelaide Fringe event across online tourism website for FREE!

BankSA Double Your Fun

Thursday 30 November - 2for1 tickets offer for BankSA cardholders

Street Performers

Street Performers in 2024

Everything you need to know about being a registered street performer for our 2024 season

Marketing, Templates, Regional

2024 Regional Logo and Branding Pack

Fringe Across the State!


2024 Lumo Energy Flash Sale Logo & Branding Pack

Logo & Branding Pack for the 2024 Lumo Energy Flash Sale