Pre Production
Honey Pot

Concept, Production, Pre Production

Craft to Creation

Explore creation of content and development of ideas with Hartstone-Kitney Productions


Manage Your Season

Ticketing tips to help manage your season.

Production, Pre Production

Producing Workshop: A Starter’s Guide

A starters guide to help with all things production! Think about creating a clear plan and a considered budget.

2021 Adelaide Fringe Professional Development Series

2022 Adelaide Fringe Professional Development Series

All our professional development sessions for 2022.

Concept, Production, Pre Production

Elevate Your Work

Listen to experiences of how collaboration can help in the development of your work.


Good Admin

Learn tips to keep up with your administration skills all year round!

Audience, Ticketing

Build Your Audience Now

Learn how to maximize sales & connect with new audiences with Matt Tarrant & Danielle Hoban


Marketing Spend

Marketing tips from our marketing team!

Honey Pot

Pitching & On Selling Your Work

Learn about what presenters and programmers want from you!

2023 Adelaide Fringe Professional Development In-Season Series

Keeping Track - Accounting Tips for Success

Raise Dough for the Show - Fundraising

Consideration Edinburgh

What to consider when thinking about taking your work to Edinburgh

Touring, Pre Production, Regional

Consider Regional Touring

Jennifer Laycock and Malcolm Harslett spill the tea about their regional touring experience.

Marketing, Pre Production

Poster Design Crash Course

Join Adelaide Fringe 2023 Poster Designer Alana Naylor for the basics of poster design and a walkthrough using Canva.


Digital Advertising: Analytics with Kwasi

Elevate your digital marketing game through analytics.