Show Finder is the comprehensive directory listing for all registered Honey Pot shows. Artists detail their programing, touring and contact information along with unique selling points, special considerations and opportunities sought out. This provides delegates with a complete overview of an artist's show and creative rationale so they can identify suitable shows to see and artists to meet with. Show Finder will launch in ealry 2025 - date TBD.



Show Finder pulls through the main information from your website listing with Fringe - Images, synopsis, duration, premiere status and social media links. But in addition to this it also includes the following:

  • Touring Party Details (how many people required to present the show - number of cast and number of crew). 
  • Where the show has performed before (optional)
  • Main booking contact details - tell our delegates who they need to direct questions or programming interest to.
  • Unique Selling Points - what makes your show stand out from others, time to talk the talk!
  • Considerations & Special Requirements - Does your show contain adult humour or do you perform with fire? List anything that might have an impact on a booking or spark interest!
  • Types of Opportunities Sought - Tell our delegates what specific goals and aims you have by being in Honey Pot. Do you want a producer or bookings in theatres and major venues for example.
  • Types of Venues - What venues do you play? name as many as suitable - black box theatres, outdoor, in the round, stages with specific dimensions or aerial rigging.
  • Seeking Partners - are you looking to grow the show or extend your networks. List collaborations being sought here.
  • Regional Touring - Interested? let us know.



Show Finder is an important tool for delegates. Key information and concise programming considerations provided by artists play an invaluable role in helping delegates decide which shows to make contact with so make sure that you have provided an alluring and up front snapshot of your show to draw delegates in! 

Image credit: Honey Pot HIVE | Photo by: Chloe Elizabeth

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