Durig the 2025 Season, other events you recommend will appear on your webpage event listing. You ca recommend shwos through AVR.

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Recommendations Tab

Each event in your AVR account has a Recommendations tab. You can navigate there from your dashboard, by clicking on the event you want to post recommendations on, then clicking the Recommendations tab as pictured below:

Recommendation Options

You can recommend at both event and session level.

Event Level

Recommending at event works the same it always has and will display any recommended events at the bottom of your event page after the sessions.

Session Level

If you recommend at session level, you must recommend another event on the same day as at least one of your event sessions and the session must be on the same day.

The system will do the rest and recommend up to two sessions that don’t overlap with the session they have added to the cart and display like this;

How many shows can I recommend?

You can only recommend up to 5 events.