Are you across all e-ticketing, front of house, patron admittance and how to pull your venue reports? We want to make sure all venue managers are Fringe-ready and know all about the ticketing processes that affect your venue.

Please read the below information to help guide you. Feel free to chat to our friendly FringeTIX team Monday to Friday between 9 to 5 on ph.08 8100 2012 |

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Communication with Artists

Artists and venues should have clear and specific conversations about who is responsible for what. Who will be staffing the front of house? Who is responsible for generating door list reports before a performance? Our advice is to have these conversations early and include them in any agreements you may have, in order to provide a smooth and pleasant experience for your patrons.

Tracking Ticket Sales

You can track your ticket sales via our Adelaide Fringe reporting suite here. If you don't know your login info, find it in your 'My Festival' dashboard in AVR.

Within the reporting suite, you can customise and schedule your reports to arrive into your inbox one hour prior to performance time (or at any time that suits you). The main report you will require for patron admittance is called Seat Listing with Access Requirement.  This report will give you your door list, ticket types and highlights any access requirements of your patrons. This report should help you with your front of house procedures and audience admittance. You can find instructions for your Audience Door List - How To report here.

For venues who have split settlement arrangements with your events (as agreed upon in AVR), you will have a second reporting login. This means you have access to additional reports and the ability to schedule customer and sales reports, aiding in your budgeting and sales tracking.

Selling Tickets to Performance Start

To optimise your ticket sales, customers will be able to purchase tickets to your event right up until the start time via our website, Box Offices and Call Centre. This means that there may be some last minute ticket sales that aren’t on your printed door list (if printed in advance). If you opt to hire a Fringe e-ticket scanner for your venue, your scanner will give you a real-time door list for any last minute sales.

If you expect your patrons to purchase last minute tickets before show time at your venue, you can make this process quicker by setting up a QR code that links directly to the event page on the Fringe website. Customers can use their phone to scan the QR code and purchase directly from the website and will receive an order confirmation/e-ticket as soon as they purchase their ticket.

Patron Admittance Options

There are a few ways in which you can admit patrons at your venue, they are:

  • e-tickets - When purchasing through FringeTIX, every customer is sent an order confirmation containing their e-ticket. In some cases patrons will also have paper tickets. As patrons enter the performance space your front of house staff will need to check e-tickets on the patron’s device or paper tickets. You can simply sight their ticket and cross them off your door list.
  • customer door list - A customer door list can be used in conjunction with checking patron’s e-tickets/paper tickets. You may decide a customer door list is an easier way to admit patrons at your venue as you can pre-stamp patrons to then be quickly admitted at the performance space door. A customer door list is also handy if a patron has forgotten or lost their ticket!
  • e-ticket scanners – In our opinion this is the superier way to admit your patrons! By hiring a scanner from Fringe, you can digitally scan patron’s e-tickets upon entry. With this, you will also have access to a digital door list, which updates in real-time & displays on the scanner. If you want to know more about e-ticketing & scanner hire, click here.

If you staff a Box Office at your venue, under your venue agreement with Adelaide Fringe, you are only able to sell tickets to a show a maximum of 1 hour prior to performance start. You will need to manage the sale and admittance at your venue and report to Adelaide Fringe the total number of tickets sold at the door by emailing at the conclusion of the season.

I Can't Find the Customer? Help!

If a customer doesn't appear on your door list it could mean a few things:

  1. They may not have successfully purchased tickets
  2. They may have purchased a ticket after your pulled your manual door list (or try refreshing your scanner door list if using one!)
  3. They may be attending on the wrong night
  4. They may be attending the wrong venue or event

First, ask the customer to show you their order confirmation. Check that the name of the show, the venue, the performance date and time is correct! If there's time, the customer may cacontact our Call Centre on 1300 621 255 to seek assistance. If you would like to call us directly to check the customer, give us a call on 08 8100 2012. We here to help each night of the Fringe Seasonuntil 10pm.

Want More Ticketing Reports

Want to know more info on the reports you have available to you? Please check out our Ticketing Reports resource here!


Image: Wonderland Spiegeltent Festival Hub. Photo: Fumika Takagi, 2021 

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