There are many information sessions and development panels hosted by both Honey Pot and FringeWORKS open to ALL artists to attend. These are now scheduled year round outside of the busy Fringe season, allowing artists to take full advantage of tailored sessions geared towards upskilling you in the lead up to your Fringe season. However by opting into the Honey Pot program once event registrations open you also have access to take part in special events exclusive to Honey Pot artists. 


Passion Pitch - (online)
Passion Pitch! An opportunity for artists to pitch their work virtually to Honey Pot delegates. Think of it as a pre-recorded elevator pitch. Honey Pot artists can choose to provide a 90 second video pitching their work. Compliled by genre specific videos and housed on the Honey Pot landing page on AVR for delegates to review in the lead up and during the festival. Find out more HERE. Submissions for Passion Pitch will open from November 2024 and close in January 2025.


Producer Support Group - (In-Person)
Producing can be an isolating experience and it's important to be able to foster pers in order to learn and grow. In these sessions we bring a collective group of emerging to mid-level producers to support each other to build capacity and confidence. Designed to be a safe space to ask questions and share advice. Each session will be steered by a Produecr able to guide the group through the discussions and learnings.


Honey Pot Connects - (In-Person)
In the lead up to the HIVE we invite artists and delegates to come together, chat and network over a beverage. These informal gatherings allow attending industry to meet artists, chat about their work and gather inspiration for the weekend ahead. We'll also connect you with an interesting afliated organsation or event and extend your networks throughout Australia and the world.


Speed-dating for artists! Honey Potters are invited to take part in the HIVE, held each Friday of the festival excluding opening weekend. Take short rotating conversations with visiting industry delegates such as programmers and presenters from all over. Introduce yourself, make a new acquaintance and learn more about each other…and who knows what the outcomes may be! 

Register via HIVE Zone. RSVP's for each HIVE a week before the event. Delegates and Artists will be encouraged to confirm their attendance in advance. Get the top tips of how to HIVE here.


Image credit: South Australia HoneyComb at the Fringe Club | Photo by: Matt Furina

Photo description: 5 women sitting on stools on stage talking to a crowd of artists.