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Artist & Venue Info Session 2023


Want to register for Adelaide Fringe 2023 or apply for the Artist Fund grants?

With registrations just around the corner, watch our Artist & Venue Info Session to find out if Fringe is right for you! It's the perfect opportunity to learn more about the opportunities we offer and new initiatives for 2023, be across what steps to take and get your deadlines straight, and get hot tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your festival.


Should you have any further queries about Adelaide Fringe 2023 and the who, what, when, where & how, please get in touch with the Artist and Venue team at any time:


Image: BLANC DE BLANC ENCORE Photo: Rebekah Ryan, 2022

Image Description: A broad smiling trapese artist in a silver sequined 2 piece bikini, is suspended above the ground, performing the splits, with a foot each in 2 long loops hanging from the roof. A blue spotlight hits her from above, as an attentive audience in the round watch on.