Honey Pot is Adelaide Fringe’s International Arts Marketplace, providing a matchmaking service for artists and industry to connect. We offer our service to artists and industry free of charge. Honey Pot is for presenters and programmers seeking shows within Fringe to buy and program.

Honey Pot, a month long marketplace runs alongside Adelaide Fringe.

Every year hundreds of industry delegates from around the world participate in person or virtually to meet artists, experience bold and innovate new works and forge valuable connections they wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. Honey Pot curates an industry-specific program of networking and pitching events designed to stimulate future programming and presentations.


Registration via AVR
Industry Delegate registrations are open now and will remain open throughout Fringe. Begin your registration HERE.

Who is considered a delegate? Well anyone that has an interest in connecting with our Fringe artists and offering them onward opportunities. That might be in the form of programming work or collaborating on future work. Delegates register via AVR and complete a simple form - providing key information that is used by both the artists and the marketplace team to ensure participation with us is tailored, and experience maximised.

In Person & Virtual
We appreciate that now more than ever there is a need to be flexible. We offer two types of delegate registrations. For those who can make it over to Adelaide and can take part physically we have In Person delegates and for those who can't be here or want to take part online we have Virtual delegates. Delegate and show listings/contacts are hosted online making connections possible where ever you are. If your participation status changes and you need to swap we can do that with the flick of a switch, just let the team know.



Hotel Support
Our hotel partner is Crowne Plaza Adelaide, located in the heart of the east end and on the doorstep of the Fringe. Honey Pot has an allocation of room nights that we can provide to delegates travelling to Adelaide for Honey Pot and requests are lodged in registration. Support is limited so we closed off requests in December (exact 2024 date TBD).

Matchmaking - Suggested show lists
Adelaide Fringe presents hundreds of shows each year with approximately a third registering for Honey Pot. Knowing what to see and what you should see when your faced with 400+ shows to research can be a daunting prospect. That's where we can help. Our team will consider all your delegate information, types of work you've nominated as being interested in, where you come from in your practice and dates you will be here and offer up a tailored suggested show list. It's a great point of reference if you need it. Otherwise give us a call, we are happy to chat.

All registered Honey Pot shows provide up to 30 tickets across their season for Honey Pot delegates to use. The Event Finder can be used to select shows and when ready you can book a ticket via these event pages. The Honey Pot complimentary ticketing will be available from December 2024.

With a limited number of tickets available to a wide range of delegates we suggest you book the shows you absolutely want to check out sooner rather than later...or just buy a ticket and put the money in the artist's pocket!

Marketplace Support/Drop In's
If you want to chat shows, find out who's in town or what you must absolutley do while here then drop by the office or schedule a catch up with us. During Fringe there's 3 of us running the marketplace and we know where the best coffee shops are!



Show Finder
This is the directory listing of all registered Honey Pot shows. Artists detail their programing, touring and contact information. Unique selling points and special considerations, as well as opportunities sought are also listed, providing delegates with a complete overview of an artist’s show and creative rationale. Favourite lists and tailor your searches to identify suitable shows to see and meet with. Show Finder will launch for the 2025 season in early 2025.

Delegate Finder
The Industry directory of all participating delegates. Contact information, bios and programming interests are listed alongside information on who they want to meet and works sought. Filtered searches and tailored wish lists can be made. Artists use Delegate Finder to invite industry to shows, arrange meetings and provide further information on their shows. Delegate Finder will launch with 2025 Delegates in early 2025 and will remain open year round allowing connectivity during Fringe and afterwards.

Image credit: Honey Pot Industry Day Out, 2020 | Photo by: Chloe Elizabeth

Honey Pot's flagship event held each Friday of Adelaide Fringe (except opening Friday). Delegates host a table and take short, rotating meetings over 90 minutes with Honey Pot artists with ready to program and tourable shows. Discover new works through informal, pressure free conversations and come away feeling inspired. 

HIVE Zone lists details of each of the HIVE locations as well as collating all RSVP's from both Delegates and Artists. We open HIVE Zone for the first HIVE a week before the event takes place. Artists and Delegates will be able confirm their attendance at any of the 4 HIVES one week prior to each one. All confirmed RSVP's link back to either the industry delegates profile or the artist's show in Event Finder, allowing both parties to research who is in the room and who to connect with. 

Honey Pot Connects
Honey Pot schedules weekly informal networking gatherings that bring industry and artists together for a quick hello and check in. In the lead up to the HIVE we invite artists and delegates to come together, chat and network over a beverage. These informal gatherings allow attending industry to meet artists, chat about their work and gather inspiration for the weekend ahead. We'll also connect you with an interesting afliated organsation or event and extend your networks throughout Australia and the world.

Networking Opportunities & Brunches
Connecting with other industry delegates in Honey Pot can result in new friendships, alliances and collaborators. It can also result in some much needed reccomendations. Share must see shows or hear what other people have been seeing in our weekly industry brunches. 

Image credit: Honey Pot Industy Brunch, 2021 | Photo by: Chloe Elizabeth

Main Image Credit: Honey Pot HIVE at Crowne Plaza Adelaide | Photo by: Chloe Elizabeth